GCEF open house

Saturday, October 15th

11 am – 3 pm

Find out about all of the environmental projects and improvements happening in our neighborhood due to GCEF Grants.

From green roofs and parks to birds and boats, OpenHouseGCEF offers Greenpointers an opportunity to see GCEF projects in action, and learn first-hand how they are making our community a healthier, safer, and “greener” place to live.
Visit exciting GCEF projects at the following OpenHouseGCEF locations:

McGolrick Park! (Central Plaza)
• McGolrick Park Restoration
• For the Birds! Greenpoint
• Greenpoint Parks Community Stewardship Program

Newtown Creek Water’s Edge! (51 Ash Street @ McGuinness Blvd.)
• Environmental Education Shed
• Newtown Creek SAMPLES
• The Living Dock and the Intertidal Wetlands Project
• The Greenpoint Bioremediation Project

Newtown Creek Rooftop! (520 Kingsland Ave.)
• Newtown Creek Wildflower Roof and Community Space

McCarren Park (behind McCarren Park Pool)
• McCarren Park Urban Farm and Green Infrastructure Corridor
• Soil Cycle: An Urban Composting Initiative
• Greening Greenpoint