PS 110 Invites the Neighborhood to Breakfast!

On Friday November 30 PS110 invited members of the neighborhood to a “Community Engagement Breakfast & Dialogue to show support for our community, and to nurture our students’ civic engagement”. The MPNA along with our elected officials and their staff, police officers, people working on GCEF grants in and around the school, and local business owners all had a wonderful morning. Students of PS110 made a presentation telling us what their favorite part of school is, and then asked us questions about our jobs and community involvement. We learned how involved PS110 is in learning about the environment and how passionate they are becoming about being stewards of our planet. PS110 awarded the P.S. 110 Garden Renovation, a project guided by a community parent and funded with a GCEF grant. PS110 gave each of the guests a plant to remind us of the wonderful event! The MPNA is grateful to have been included in the Engagement Breakfast and part of the PS110 community!