Steering Committee and Organizational Rules and Guidelines
Steering Committee Membership
  • Must attend at least 3 monthly groups meetings in a row, before being invited to join the Steering Committee.
  • Steering Committee members vote on adding new members to the Steering Committee. Any Steering Committee member can nominate a new member.
  • New members must be approved by at least ¾ of all current Steering Committee members.
  • We will have a maximum of 15 Steering Committee members, and we will review this number on an annual basis.
  • Steering Committee members are expected to not miss the monthly group meeting more than 3 months in a row, and if so the group may review your membership on the committee.
  • You are required to attend two thirds of all Steering Committee meetings/year. We estimate we will have at least ten Steering Committee meetings/year, so members are expected to attend approximately at least six.
Voting Rules
  • Voting rules are reviewed and amended as needed every 6 months since we are growing and changing.
    • Must have a quorum of Steering Committee members present in a meeting to make major decisions.
    • Quorum is defined as 50% plus one of the membership.
    • Only active Steering Committee members can vote, though non-Steering Committee members can certainly offer comments and feedback for consideration.
    • Decisions are made on a simple majority or ¾ of SC members present at a meeting.
  • This document will contain the rules.
    • Viewable by all Steering Committee members
    • They will be saved in the Meeting Notes folder
Conflict Resolution
  • “RED FLAG”
    • Emergency Meeting
    • This is our alert term when someone wants to raise an urgent critical issue that could blow up in our faces. Members will use this in their email subject lines and in their emails. This will trigger the decision to have an Emergency Meeting.
    • For any RED FLAG issues the group may need to quickly meet to discuss critical urgent matters
    • A conference call may be used in order to be timely about urgent matters
Specific Steering Committee roles/positions:
  • Outreach coordinator: coordinate outreach and communication to elected officials, government agencies, and the media
  • Treasurer: coordinate organization’s finances, coordinate communication with our fiscal sponsor (OSA) regarding all income and expense
  • Social media coordinator: coordinate e-mail list outreach, as well as Facebook and website
  • Fundraiser coordinator (or co-coordinators): coordinate fundraising (major gifts, foundations, etc.)
  • Event coordinator (or co-coordinators): coordinate volunteer events (e.g. park clean up days)
Process for Nominating and Voting on Steering Committee Roles
  • Anyone can nominate or self-nominate a person for a position.
  • A simple majority or ¾ of Steering Committee members present must approve that person.
Treasurer Roles
  • The group will have a treasurer
  • Treasurer will provide quarterly or monthly reports to the whole group, supplied by OSA, at every meeting or if not in advance by e-mail
  • Fiscal status spreadsheet will be kept
    • Viewable by all Steering Committee members
    • They will be saved in the group’s Finances folder
Process for Spending Money
  • The treasurer coordinates cutting of checks and all reimbursements with OSA.
  • Expenses over $100 must be approved by a simple majority of the Steering Committee members present, either at a meeting or over e-mail if a decision must be made in advance of the next meeting.
  • Expenses under $100 may be approved by the treasurer and two other members (currently Marcy and Ingrid)
Information Collaboration & Group Transparency
  • All major group documents should be saved in the Google group folder, email is not a good storage solution
  • Use Google docs, saved in appropriate group folders, for group collaboration to save time and allow easy collaboration
  • Meeting Notes will be take for all group meetings
    • Viewable by all Steering Committee members
    • They will be saved in the Meeting Notes folder
Work Groups
  • Work Groups will be established as needed
  • Work Groups will have leads, which could but doesn’t have to be members of the steering committee. Leads will be approved by a simple majority of the steering committee present at a meeting or via e-mail.
  • Work Groups will be able to run with it, and report back to the Steering Committee for major decisions.
    • This is to avoid decision by committee on everything
    • If trust isn’t felt then a RED FLAG should be raised
  • First with a person directly.
  • Then with the larger group if needed.