Petition to Move the Farmers Market Inside the Park

The farmers market in McGolrick park is more than just a place to shop for locally grown food. It is a place where our neighborhood hangs out on Sunday mornings. While listening to live music, we pick out beautiful fresh vegetables, try out an interestingly flavored pickle, sample homemade sauces, and take home a delicious pie with flowers for the table. But we also chat with each other, our children play, we meet new people, find out about activities in the neighborhood, or sit down at a table and eat our lunch. All this takes space! The cramped gauntlet of Monitor Street doesn’t compare to the circle of vendors set-up we had INSIDE the park. In this time when our park is under construction, it is especially important to have events where we can hang out together in the park. The petition asks for the Park Department to recognize the need for community events in park spaces. The signatures ask the Parks Department to grant the permit for the FARMERS MARKET to be INSIDE THE PARK.

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Fall 2016 Citizen Pruner Course

Registration Now Open!

Join Trees New York for their Citizen Pruner course this coming fall. Through the course you will learn tree biology, NYC street tree identification, common tree problems and solutions, and tree pruning.
This is a 12-hour course that consists of 4 classroom sessions & 1 field outing.

If you live or work in Greenpoint (11222) you are eligible to take the course for $15 through the Greening Greenpoint scholarship.

Brooklyn Course Details
Starting Date: Wednesday, October 12th
Location: Bushwick Inlet Park Building (86 Kent Ave.)

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